Joakim Hjelm

  • Founder, Retired GUE Instructor.
  • Status: Currently Off Island.

Meredith “Mer” Tanguay (GUE Instructor resume)

  • Location: Big Island (Kona), Hawaii
  • Status: Currently Off Island.
  • Classes Offered in Hawaii: GUE Fundamentals and all Recreational levels, GUE Tech 1, guiding and coaching to all like-minded divers, regardless of agency
  • Offering classes/guiding on Big Island in Feb-Mar 2022. (2021 will be skipped due to COVID)
  • Email for connection to local Big Island GUE Divers even when Mer is off-island.
  • (978) 233-1637

Nick Hunsinger (GUE-trained diver)

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